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In 2019, the municipality of Rezekne took part in the “active Community” project of the education iniaciative centre and the British Council. Within the framework of the project, a Community Resource Centre was established in spring 2020, Sakstagala Jānis KCo. in the area of primary school.

The project “active Community”, which was originally implemented in four municipalities in Latgale - Aglona District, Daugavpils, Preilu and Rēzekne District, has received great repercussions in local communities. In autumn of that year, as the project expanded, the Centre for Education Initiatives in partnership with British Council calls on a number of municipalities to take advantage of the possibility of participating in the project and to contribute to the improvement of local community life. The project also operates Ilūkstes municipality, Varkava municipality and Zilupes municipality activists. The municipality of Rezekne was also re-elected, and in January 2021 it is planned to open the Community Resource Centre AT Nautrēnu secondary school premises in Rogovka. Nautrēnu parish roses and operates several non-governmental organisations - Rogovkieši, Nautrēnu High School Support Foundation, LVLK, Sovim Person and others. Each of them shall be responsible for improving the life of the local community. At the time of the Centre's planning visit, Nautrēnu High School Director Anita Ludborža says that her dream is to combine all these organizations with a single purpose and task. Nautrēnu in secondary school is active in young people's business enterprises. On average, three companies are registered. Pupils are engaged in the production of tea, the production of design objects, games, toys, the organisation of events. The Community Resource Centre will be a place where various generations, representatives of different interests can meet together, work, bring new ideas into life, acquire skills and skills that will be useful in both domestic and business start-ups. An inventory is currently being purchased which will be used by local community people in the resource center.

Get information about the closest activities at Rogovka Community Resource Center and how to get involved with project coordinator Biruth Rivanes (tel. 26417710; e-mail ).

Project implementer: Education Initiative Center

Project co-operation partner and financier: British Council representation in Latvia

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Other information:
Education Initiative Center
Project Manager
Christine Liepiņa
Phone: 65235635

The information was prepared by:
Biruta Rephen, IIC co-ordinator of the project “active Community” local Community coordinator in Rēzekne municipality

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