Located within 3 km from Lake Rāzna, 10 m from the pond, the Kozubka River.

Fishing in fish ponds (guests using other “ponds” services).

More active and extruded recreational fans, “pond” is offered a peintball, as well as a special owl - a trip with now Retro auto GAZ 66!

In winter, a hill with rubber ragfish, both large and small, then hot tea and sauna.
Two baths, one smaller (up to 10 people), second larger.
Two-storey bath, a lounge with a fireplace. Celebration in both the premises and the campsite at the pond. Animal and bird observation, ogotiation, fungal, cooking on fire, clean source water. In summer, nearby forests offer the choice of rich berries and mushrooms.

Simple accommodation in piracy.

Address Grumuži, Lūznavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.3090330; 27.3165768
Phone +371 26175505
E-mail eleonora.777@inbox.lv
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