The Great Linden Hill

The Great Linden Hill (289.3 m.v.j.l.) is Latgale highest and Latvia's third highest peak, (second at relative height (86 m)), located in Rāzna National Park area. A tree view tower (34 m) is built at the top of a large flame hill, with a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape, Rāzna and other lakes. There are 9 view platforms in the tower at different height, so they can climb as high as they want. Highest, freely available, viewport in Latvia (323 m.v.j.l.).

From the parking lot to the viewtower, visitors are taken to 830 m long trail with information stands, recreational places, swings. A place for a recreational or small event with a brushed fire site, benches, eagles, swing. The neighbouring Dzerkaļi Hill (286.3 m.v.j.l.) is the highest peak in Latvia at relative height (89.2 m).

For which: pedestrians, dancers, cyclists. Not suitable for persons with reduced mobility;
Path length: 830 m;
Route: line-shaped;
Label: it is;
Best Time for Visit: Throughout the year;
Fee: free;
Cover: forest road, gravel, sand;
Fitting-out: is a recreational location, info stand, picnic location, car park;
More info: Rēzekne Municipalities Tourism Information center (mob.t.: +371 26337449)
Manager: Latgale Regional Administration of Nature Protection Board

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Address Dzerkaļi, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rāzna National Park
Coordinates 56.2710426; 27.6544413
Phone +371 26337449, +371 28686863
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