Potter Anatolijs Vituškins

Anatolijs Vituškins works are often called "most latgalians", because the traditional pottery traditions are preserved in forms, colors and technique. The brown and green color dominates, which in all their brightness and abundance cover multi-branched candlesticks and long-forgotten sacrals among other masters - double-branched light holders.

A.Vituškins is a member of Andreja Paulāna Rēzekne's applied art studio. Awareness of the art of the People's art was acquired by J.Pujāts in the study. The potting is closely related to rural tourism, offering crafts as viewing objects in various informative materials and on the internet, presenting visitors with a pot making process.

Address ”Svečturi”, Griškānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.5008987; 27.4503317
Phone +371 26518909
E-mail keramiks53@inbox.lv
Homepage www.facebook.com/anatolijs.vitushkins
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