Viļāni Regional History Museum

Working time in summer season (June, July, August):
Monday - Closed
Tuesday – 8.00-12.00 – 13.00-17.00
Wednesday – 8.00-12.00 – 13.00-17.00
Thursday – 8.00-12.00 – 13.00-17.00
Friday – 8.00-12.00 – 13.00-17.00
Saturday – 8.00 – 16.00
Sunday - Closed

Brief description:
The museum is located in the central part of Viļāni. It is a place that gives every traveller the opportunity to open the history pages of Viļāni: “Viļāni municipality in the centuries”, “Lin seed story”, “Latgale and its inhabitants in the XIX century Polish researcher Stefānijas Uļanovskas etnographic works”.

In the exhibition hall, the work of both local and remote guests and artisanals is constantly being considered.

The excursion offered by the museum “Viļānu historic trail” will introduce you to the legacy of the recent centuries.

More knowledge of individual activities of human activity in pupils helps the educational programmes developed by museum specialists.
The language of the exhibition: Latvian and Russian.

Address Kultūras laukums 4, Viļāni, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.551867; 26.922941
Phone +371 26476570
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