Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Apostles Simeon and Judas in Dricāni

The area of Dricānu was originally in the care of Rēzekne Jesuit. After the church was built in 1777, the church and church were serviced by Bernardian monks from Viļāni. A parish was also possible at this time. The church was buried in the garden of the church from 1797.
In 1859, Baroness Manteifeles and Catherine Uljanov had built a present-day church church, which, in 1859, was consecrated by the priest, K. Tarvids, for the honour of Simon and Judah. The church is built in a romance style with two towers and three carved altars in a gothic style. The altar was made by a woodcutter from Lithuania. In the central altar, wooden sculptures - the tabs “Christ” and “Holy Peteris and Paul”, in the right-hand St. spirit altar, are located in a tree that represents the arrival of the Holy spirit in the Summer Festival above the apostles ( On both sides of the right altar is the image of Saint Francisco and Saint Clara. In the middle of the left altar, the image of the Virgin Mary, and the image of Saint Anton and St. Therese. In addition to the altar, there are free-standing circular sculptures showing the apostles Simon, Judah Tadeay, Saint Joseph and Jānis Nepomuks ( Two cockpit crucifixes and with a painting on the tin have also been preserved. (Elksne 2006)

Address Saltumi, Dricāni, Dricānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.649969 ; 27.197621
Phone +371 29214848
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