Ismeru Old Believers' Godhouse

The construction of the Ismer Old Believers' church was launched on the shore of Lake Ismers in 1912 after a plan approved by Vitebsk. People, by donating money, bought timber by purchasing other work materials, built a church in two years after the project. In 1914, there were prerequisites, depetrators, and Christian children. The Ismer congregation itself exists from 1861.
The house has three wings: north, south and west. In each of the wings, the door is decorated with crosses. Four oval windows on each side, two on the west side. They are decorated with triangular liners, which are without unnecessary decorations. A bell tower is located under a large dome, with a massive metal cross at the end. In 2002, the outside repairs of the house took place. (Mitrins, 2001)

Address Ismeri, Lūznavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.3869358; 27.3286022
Phone +371 64607421
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