Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Tree of Stalerova

Vecās, nodegušās koka baznīcas vietā uzcelta mūra baznīca, kas iesvētīta 2000.gadā.
The wooden church with two towers was built in 1770 in baroque style only with the help of the axe, without the use of iron nails. The construction work was financed by the estate-owner Sokolovsky. The great altar was the image of Christ's tree, which was called “Mr. Breineigais Jesus”, and the magic was attributed to it. The side altar was also made of wood, rich with wood. On the walls of the church, the ceiling, as well as the altar, there were paintings from the new and old betting. On April 9, 1968, the church burned. After the fire, only the brick-bell tower in which the church was built remained. All necessary preparatory work has been carried out and the necessary inventory has been purchased.

In 1999, a new wall church was built in place of the burnt church of Juliana Butan, which is slightly larger than the burnt.

Apmēram 4 km no Stoļerovas atrodas Rozenmuižas kapela. Tā bija slēgta no 1967. gada līdz 1995. gada 2. novembrim, kad dekāns P. Zeile iesvētīja Stoļerovas baznīcas atjaunoto Rozenmuižas kapelu, kurā kādreiz atradās Čenstohovas Dievmātes glezna, kas tika pārvesta uz baznīcu (Svilāns, 1995).

Address Baznīcas iela 1, Stoļerova, Stoļerovas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.4298746; 27.5567911
Phone +371 64644192
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