Tiskādu Orthodox Church

The church was built with the help of his father, Meliton, in 1878, and a pastor house was built beside it, two school buildings, in Tiskados and Stikans.
The house of the church was buried with many very old icons, iconstasis, as well as a library with spiritual books received from Moscow Orthodox Church.
In 1987, the church was closed to the Rēzekne Museum, but in 1993 it was handed over to the Orthodox Church of Rezekne.
As a result of the metropolitan Exselence of Riga, Alexander was allocated funds for the capital repair of the church in 2005 and resumed it. The full restoration of the church requires tangible assets. Today, the capital repairs of the church building continue due to small donations. As of February 2008, church services are held in the Orthodox Church.

Address Tiskādi, Silmalas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.4522608; 27.0696266
Phone +371 64644830
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