Saddlery and leather goods workshop "Apkalnmājas"

In the craftsman's workshop crafts are popularized as a rural way of life and crafts education is promoted in order to preserve the skills of the ancient craft, the manufacture of harnesses - saddles, poles, harnesses and other horse harness products. They also make various leather products - belts, wallets, original handbags. There is an opportunity to buy a souvenir or a useful product.
Excursions with narration and demonstrations last about 40 minutes (in Latvian, Russian and Latgalian). You can apply for creative workshops. 

Offer for wedding guests. Specially prepared program with the attraction of crafts, rural traditions of Latgale and elements of nature, environment in nature for a photo session.

A place for rest and tents. A picnic by the pond or in a closed shed, a field for sports activities and field games. Fire place.

Accommodation options (2+1).

Made of leather and repaired:

  • For horses – bridles, halters, saddles, etc.
  • For cattle, young cattle - ears, straps, etc.
  • For dogs, cats - collars, leashes, etc.
  • Fixing straps for fitters' ladders.
  • Clothing belts, straps.

Address Adamova, Vērēmu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.552765; 27.35690
Phone +371 26597635
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