Juguļi big stone

To get to the Juguli big stone, you need to drive along the Kaunata-Asāni road until the turn to Idzepoli (right), there is also a sign for the Rāzna National Park to the Juguli stone 3.4 km, after another 1.9 km there is a second sign on the right - 1.5 km , which is also the road to Mukon village. ​

It is located in the territory of the Rāzna National Park, where the signs lead to the gray giant and do not allow you to get lost.
Stone dimensions: length - 5.17 m, width - 2.88 m, height - 5.00 m, circumference at the base - almost 21.00 m, volume 36 m3.

Address Mukonu ciems, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.33637; 27.58805
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