The great stone of Medinski Vincīši

The local population of the hill, on which the bedstone is located, is called Mākoņkalns (the Cloud Hill). The Medinsku Vincīšu stone is located in a cluster of trees only 40 m to the left of the Jaunviļānu – Medinsku road and approximately 40 m from the right shore of the Maltas river. Red granite stone dimensions: length 6,6 m, width 5,4 m, height 3,3 m, circumference 20 m, capacity 40 – 45 cubic metres.
There is a large number of growing trees and bushes around the stone. The name was named Medinsku Vincīšu stone, given the name of the nearest village and the name of the former houses on which it is located. There are no more Vincīšu houses. They can only be found in old maps, thus giving the stone the name of the ancient house. The stone colhose had been dried, and the scraps were still stone at one end. The stone has become slightly more than a metre after the drying. As the stone is located in an easily accessible place, many tourists could visit it. By its size, it is one of the largest nobles of Rēzekne Municipality.

Address Rikavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.61319; 26.94614
Phone +371 64607081
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