Franča Trasuna Museum “Kolnasāta”

“Kolnasāta” is the only museum dedicated to the priest in Latvia. Established in the home of a clerk, politician, literate, cultural and public employee Franča Trasuna in Rēzekne municipality. 

Since 1992, a museum has been opened at the home of Franča Trasuna, in which everyone is able to acquaint themselves with the life and 20th century of Latvia, the wake of the wake-up of Franča Trasuna, (1864-1926). Latgale farmhouse culture environment – residential house, stone peats, sauna, clan, apple garden, lean alley, crucifix.

Established in order to preserve and promote the history of the historic testimony of the clerk, politician, cultural and social worker Franča Trasuna, his family, the historical testimony of the newspapers, as well as the history of Sakstagala parish.

Working time: Monday - Friday 8.00 - 16.00
On Saturday and Sunday, the museum may be visited after a prior application.


  • “Latgale field.” The life and life of F.Trasuna;
  •  “The world for the eyes of a little human child”.

The exhibition shows unique items of the item: family replacements: vessels, pataphone, furniture; 19th century piano trunk and Latgale shoulder scarf collection etc. 

 Museum pedagogical programmes in the museum:

  • “Wedding in Latgale”,
  • “Ancient household objects”,
  • “F.Trasuna childhood trails”,
  • “Ancient traditions in crystals”,
  • “F. Trasuna fabulous”. 

The objects of the museum collection shall be covered in the catalogue of the national museum stock

It is possible to lease premises for seminars, conferences and meetings.

Visitors can use the campfire site, places located in the museum area.

Memorial places:

Memorial stone at Brother Adolf, Alexandra and Jānis Sprūdžs. The three brothers born in Sakstagalā, Sprūdžs, developed their achievements and contributed significantly beyond the boundaries of Latvia. Alexander was a significant co-operative employee (Canada), Adolf – an internationally recognised library scientist (USA), while Jānis – an artist who had learned the painting by self-training.

The memorial stone at the writer, Jāņa Klīdzēja, was planted in the territory of Sakstagala Jāņa Klīdzēja. The brilliant Latvian writer oak at his first school in 1991, visiting the native municipality.


  • „Kolnasāta” crucifix. The crucifix created by the artist Antona Rancāna, installed in the apple garden located in the „Kolnasāta” area of F. Trasuna. With the opening of the crucifix in 1991, the remembrance of F. Trasuna began in Latgale.
  • The Garanču village crucifix in Sakstagala parish is located in the place of the first Latgalian play, a writer and a public employee at Konstances Daugules-Kempas house, restored in 1991.
  • The Finnish village crucifix in Sakstagala parish is located in the place of the Catholic clerk, the Latgalian folklore, Fēliksa Boļeslava Laizāna, restored in 1991.

Address Kalna iela 3, Sakstagals, Sakstagala pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.533081; 27.148848
Phone +371 64640594, +371 26248270
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