Ančupani memorial to the victims of World War II

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Memorial is emotionally powerful. Hidden between tree stands, it strikes with majesty and power. “They were dying to live” – the black-coloured letters call each other in a distance, while the long way to that and the stairs and the second floor of the memorial prepare for the next survivor – a monument of “mother apple”. The events that honest monuments are revealed are different and different ideological colours, but they cannot deny their artistic value.

The dungeon said about the monument, “The memories always show either martyrs or protesters or weeping.” My “Abel” stands in Anchupan's warmth as a witness of life, like a tree that takes the juices from the heaven of martyrs, and the branches of the branches stretch toward the future of the future. And the nature itself – an environmental terrain and a herbal country, which is not abruptly, almost faintly organized by the eye and hand of a sensitive and intelligent specialist, helps to increase the emotional notion of my “apple”.

Video for Anchupan Park Replacement - YouTube

Address Ančupāni, Vērēmu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.539443; 27.312151
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