Bērzgale Manor

Antonijs Veitko (1821 – 1893) was born in 1878. It was built from burned bricks. The building was Latgale's uncharacteristic “summer-type” single-storey, L-shaped building with a heavy mansard crown by Atika. The main facade of the building was engraved by rich trellis. In 1924 – 1938, the building was rebuilt for the purpose of the school. The building since 20.gs. In the early 20 s, the school was running until 1993. By 2013, the building of Latgale craftsmen's school service was located in the building. Since 2013, the building was empty.
An architectural monument of local importance. The building can be seen from the outside.
In 2018, an artistic architectural inventory was performed. 

Address Rītupes iela 27, Bērzgale, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.6265417; 27.5161632
Phone +371 64644633, +371 29497151 (muzeja vadītāja)
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