Memorial place for the Bishop J. Rancāna and the Saeima Member of the Republic of Latvia A. Rancāna

The memorial mark was created by the initiative of the poet and the cultural employee Antona Kūkoja, dedicated to significant people born in Livzinīku village - bishop Jezupam Rancāna (1886 –1969) and 2, 3 and 4. Member of the Saeima, Minister of Welfare Anton Rancāna (1897-1942). Jezups Rancāns was an employee of the First Latgale awakening in Petercastle and Latgale, a member of the Council of Transitional Land of Latgale, a member of the Council of the People's Council, a member of the Constitutional Meeting, a member of all Latvian Saeima, a member of the Saeima until 1940. Rewarded with the three-star order of the second class. Died in the US, a 1991 overburied Aglona basilica script.

Address Livzinīki, Nautrēnu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.7560589; 27.474243900000033
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