Home-brew museum – private collection

Working time: upon application
Brief description: Interesting private collection created in the old pub building of Kaunatas on the origins and development of self-made strong sparks in different countries. Many interesting exhibits and historical material.

The museum - the owner of the private collection, Dace Zagorska, has a lot of hope, also to continue to collect more historical material and information on the origins and development of self-made strong sparkling sparks in different countries. Very fascinating is a collection of glasses that Dace says much to anyone who has given a special, unseen copy and will continue to be happy to receive interesting glasses, including from other countries. The museum visitors have a chance to burn the canoe, but, as the housewife warns, they can only burn because everything is good, which is done with the mayor.

Address Rāznas iela 45, Kaunata, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.332586966061506; 27.54737689876029
Phone +371 20203962
E-mail dapacepe007@inbox.lv
Homepage www.facebook.com/kandzasmuzejs
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