March 18 – World Sleep Day

On March 18, the world's sleep is celebrated with the aim of raising public awareness of healthy sleep and its benefits. This year, the theme and slogan of the world's sleep is “a quality sleep, a healthy mind, a happy world”, focusing on issues such as the impact of high-quality sleep on human psychiatric health and concentration abilities, and the physical, psychiatric and emotional depression of fatigue. Everyone must remember that quality sleep is the basis of human health! 

World Sleep Day within the framework of the Sickness Prevention and Control Centre (SPCC) specialists have developed INFOGRAPHIC on sleep hygiene, explaining simple ways of improving sleep in daily life.

In addition TO THE SPCC specialists have prepared a short and simple game “healthy sleep BINGO”where everyone has an opportunity to find out what habits of healthy sleep mode are already being used on a day-to-day basis, and which habits should require additional attention to improve the quality of their sleep. You can also send a game in pdf format for more convenient use in printed format. 

We also invite you to see the infograph drawn up to date BY THE SPCC. healthy sleep, as well as familiarize with other information materials developed BY THE SPCC that are available ON THE SPCC website 

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