Birzgale Regina Lochmele gives 50 stockings to Ukrainian support

Mrs Regina Lochmele first referred to the invitation of the municipality of Rēzekne to donate to the injured Ukrainian people who have lost everything. Regina called as soon as she read the message in the letter “Bērzgales messages”. Regina, with the wish of Ukraine to win the war, sends 50 pairs of knitted wool socks.

Regina Lochmele is a housewife, a group II disabled person who has suffered two operations. In time, Regina Ada, both after the operations he couldn't and couldn't move, and in the long winter evenings watching television. In spring and summer, it is less difficult to knitting, because outdoor works are waiting – a small garden where vegetables and strawberries are grown for their own food, as well as flowers for the joy of the heart. As she says, “knitting is like a“ semiconductor ”, how sitting in social networks – that you do, can't stop.“ If only the yarn ends, but then continue with the knife again. ”

Two to three pairs of socks can be seen in one week. Mrs. Regina knitted her socks with the idea that she would be useful, not planned for this purpose, but when she had just read the message she was delighted to give her needles. 

Now, once again, it will take a moment to get to the city, then buy a yarn and begin to do it again, with the idea.

And Regina has been in her grandmother's honour for two months. Congratulations! Let little Carry grow up under a calm, sunny sky!

Daila Ekimane,
Head of the Berzgale Cultural House

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