Results OF the project competition “Support for the creation and development of companies in Rezekne District”



On 24 October, the results of the project competition announced by the municipality of Rezekne “Support for the creation and development of companies in Rezekne District” were established at the Commission meeting. Of the 12 projects presented in the competition, the Commission has supported 8 projects, allocating funding to the total Eur 38 997.69, for business development in Rezekne municipality.

The amount of the second round financing of the project competition “Support for Enterprise Creation and Development in Rezekne District” was EUR 47 150, 00. In the second round of the competition, 12 applications were submitted, amounting to eur 53 364.48. According to the rules, projects were evaluated in view of the importance of the project for the population, the contribution of the population, the sustainability of the project results and other criteria. The 8 projects supported will receive a total of EUR 38 997.69.

Local government funding was received by existing and emerging entrepreneurs in areas such as tourism, catering, ceramics, artistic activities, recreational, wood processing and agriculture. Supported projects Stoļerovas, Dekšāres, Ilzeskalna, Ozolaines, Gaigalavas, Dricānu and Maltas parish.

The projects were assessed by an independent and highly qualified jury, consisting of knowledgeable and experienced experts from a number of business-related institutions: the Rēzekne business incubator, the development finance institution “Altum”, the Rēzekne Technology Academy and the municipality of Rezekne.

Projects supported by the municipality of Rezekne:

  • 01-DE26/2022/2 Restoration and adaptation of the structures of the “Obelisk Farm” hemp farm
  • 02-GA06/2022/2, creation, maintenance and letting of children's playroom “8 cubes”
  • 03-o17/2022/2, holiday and holiday holidays
  • 04-MA13/2022/2, creation of a new generation of clay
  • 05-DR04/2022/2, “From field to table” design shop
  • 07-ST23/2022/2, establishment of a traditional herbal baking plant
  • 08-o17/2022/2, Purchase of electric ceramic burner ROHDE Toplader-TE 100 S
  • 11-IL08/2022/2, WoodVin design products

 Rezekne Municipality Development Planning Division business development specialists

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