Reorganise the Sports Schools of Rezekne



On 17 February, the Rēzekne municipality council decided to reorganise the sports schools located in the territory of the municipality of Rezekne - Vilnius sports school and the Rēzekne municipality's children-youth sports school (BJSS), bringing them together in one institution. The new, Joint Educational Authority will start with the next school year, 1 September.

As the head of the Department of Education and Sport, Guntars ants, this is neither the closure nor the abolition of schools, but a combination, as provided for by good governance practices following administrative territorial reform: “one of the tasks following the administrative territorial reform implemented last year was to combine institutions with equal functions in order to be able to economic resources and be shared management. In addition, in the case of sports schools there is no autonomous building to which children come from, as students take place in their schools or parish. 'There is also no training programme that has been so far in both sports schools.

The two directors of the current sports schools assess that the biggest winners of the merger will be students of the sports school. “There is currently a national focus on increased attention and funding to ensure continuity in sport, that is to be both the youngest and the older and older training group. For example, it will be easier for us to provide it, for example, at present in Vilnius there is no successor in football, while THE Rēzekne municipality is not a successor in athletic athletics,“ said Aleksejs Šlapakovs, director of the Sports School of Vilnius. “It will also be positive for students that the available range of activities will be expanded, such as in Vilnius, if there is interest, we will be able to organize table tennis, checkers and sports masters in football groups,” said Aldis Ziukmacis, head of the Rēzekne municipality.

The registered office of the Joint Sports School will be in Malta, Sports Street 5 (former Rēzekne municipality IN BJSS), where there is a very wide range of sports and infrastructure. Besides sports trainers, which have been paid from the national target grant and the local government budget, it is planned that the new sports school will have

Director (1 rate), sports organiser (1 rate), clerk (0.5 rates) and sports doctor (0.5 rates). Since there is currently a manager and staff for each school, an evaluation of the staff should be organised by the education and sports administration by 1 May. By 10 May, the parents of the educatees will be informed about the reorganisation of sports schools - essentially a change of name for the students of the Vilnius side, as the places of sale of the training programmes will remain as so far.

It should be noted that in this school year, the Rezekne municipality is attending a children-youth sports school in 605, while Vilnius sports school - 97 young athletes.

Madara Burtina,

Public relations specialist of the municipality of Rezekne

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