Rēzekne province of 2022 championship in a table tennis



On May 21, Rēzekne's open championship at the table tennis took place in the Tiskad High School sports hall. 17 participants from Rezekne municipality, Rezekne, Daugavpils, Livans, Aglona and Ludza participated in these competitions. The participants were divided into two categories of competitions (adults and Youth). Five participants participated in the competition. The title of the Latvian Youth Championship was won by THE Rēzekne municipality, BJSS student, Gļebs Ščemewvs, 2 nd place for Maria Izuļevai (V.G.ALEF Daugavpils), 3 rd place for Elvim Pavlov (Rezekne BJSS). In the adult category of champion, Rēzekne's counsel, Juris Zeltiņš (Kaunata), 2 nd Roberts Pavra (Rezekne), 3 rd place Edgars Malinovskis (Viļāni) became champion. Each year, the number of participants is not smaller, indicating that these competitions are popular. Look at the next year's competitions!

Main judge: Bruno Losans

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