The third application for EU fund training for adults has started in Rezekne

The State Education Development Agency (VIAA) has launched a third application for the European Union (EU) fund for adult education project “improvement of professional competence of employed persons” throughout Latvia. In it, every worker and self-employed person from the age of 25 may apply for training by submitting an application to one of the 70 educational institutions, including 10 sectors and 9 educational establishments in Rezekne, by 17 September.
Opportunities for more than 8000 employees in Latvia
“There have been more than 8000 employees in this project since the opening of the first round of registration in autumn. The most requested economic sectors, which also have the most training participants, are the production of electronic and optical equipment and ICT as well as construction. The third most requested is the transport and logistics sector, which is developing rapidly. These are priority sectors for the Latvian economy where the shortage of skilled labour is the most topical. The involvement of the working population, as well as the cooperation between the education sector and employers in the implementation of this project, is a positive signal to the labour market, which confirms that the idea has been justified,” says VIAA Director Dita Traidas.
Among the participants, 66% is between 25 and 44 years of age, while more than one third is at age 45, which is the target of the priority project. 10% of all educational beneficiaries is aged 56, demonstrating the willingness of Latvian labour to learn for life.
Rēzekne offers to learn 80 educational programs
In Latvia as a whole, in this round, residents can choose to learn around 100 different skills and qualifications that educational institutions offer to learn more than 400 in educational programmes of different length and content. 80 educational programmes are available in Rezekne, but residents of the city and nearby municipalities can also apply for learning in other places of Latvia if they can be connected to work and life in their city or municipality.
In Rezekne, training is available in sectors such as the manufacture of electronic and optical equipment and ICT, timber, transport and logistics, catering services and tourism, energy, metalworking, engineering and engineering, construction, textile, clothing, leather and leather products, food industry and agriculture, chemical industry.
In the sectoral range in Rezekne there are educational programmes that may not only acquire new skills but also re-qualify, for example, the occupation of a local welder, an electrical technician, a meat product manufacturer, a logistics employee, an electric monster, a warehouse employee or a building technician.
In Rezekne, training is offered by Rezekne Technical School, Latgale Training Centre, Training Centre plus, Study Centre BUTS, MC Alpha Training Centre, Study Centre East vidzeme, VILLAS D, Dauseb and Four-E.
For workers, self-employed and young parents in employment relationships
In order to apply for training, the population must be at age 25, employed or self-employed. You can also apply for new parents who are on parental leave while maintaining employment relationships.
If there are more than one application for a single place of training, a special benefit will be given to workers aged 45 years of age who are employed in the occupations of the main groups of professions, persons aged 50 years of age, who have received recommendations for training as well as refugees and persons with alternative status in the State Employment Agency (SEA) project.
The training participants shall ensure the co-payment OF 10%, which may also be financed by the employer. For workers with low-income or poor status, the full amount of the school fees shall be borne BY EU funds and by the State and shall be eligible for reimbursement of transport costs if such costs arise during the course of the training. Workers with disabilities may, on the other hand, receive compensation for the services of assistant or surrogate interpreters incurred during the course of the training.
Learn one time
Since at the time of the project new professions or knowledge can only be learned once, THE SEA 28 branches have a chance to receive a career advice, while 81 project co-operation municipalities, including the municipality of Rezekne, have access to adult education coordinators who can provide information support.
The application shall take place in educational institutions by submitting a study application in the presence or electronic form, sending it in e-mail. More information on curricula, educational institutions, application modalities and other practical issues can be found at
The aim of THE EU Foundation for the Adult Education of Employees is to improve the professional competence of employed persons in order to prevent labour market mismatches in labour market demand and to promote both the competitiveness of workers and the increase in labour productivity. The project is financed by the European Social Fund and the Latvian State. By 31 December 2022, more than eur 25 million will be invested.
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