Trip to the International Circus Festival


Social Department

Our children had a unique opportunity to watch the magnificent show in the circus. The small audience was surrounded by exciting circus tricks, non-prescriptive horeography, light spectacles, clown fun, courage and luck of air gymnastics, exvilibrist masterness. Acrobates with extreme abilities, air gymnastics, clowns and magicians, jugglers and extruders formed an unforgettable show.
In the event of the competition, artists were evaluated by a professional, circus artistic expert. The viewer had the opportunity to assess the artist's performance and vote for his favourite. Our students also participated in the vote. Especially our children were delighted by the fun clows from Ukraine, as well as air gymnastics from Latvia
This nice festival for the children of Tiskada's house could be enjoyed thanks to the Latvian children's fund. I would like to thank the child's rights protection specialist, the pedagogical medical Commission head Aija Dundurei, who provided tickets not only to our students but also to friends from Maltas special boarding school. Many children had long dreamed of seeing real circus artists. Thank you for fulfilling our children's dreams!
For children, this was the first chance to visit such an impressive festival. Latvian residents can be proud that we have such an ambitious international circus festival for the sixth consecutive year in Riga.
Olga Jakusenka,
social carer 
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