Workshop of the painter Valdis Onužans

Viewing paintings in a Latgale farmstead - in a workshop, enjoying the silence and peace of the countryside. The artist also offers to get involved in the painting process themselves, by applying in advance.

Country house review, purchase of domestic cows' milk products, after prior application.

After completing his studies at the Rikava eight-year school, Valdis went on to study at the Rēzekne Secondary School of Applied Arts, where he majored in woodcarving, but also self-taught painting, which is his hobby.

After graduating from art school, Valdis Onužāns works as a vocational teacher at Tiskādus boarding school. Enlistment in the Soviet army follows. After returning from the army, he begins work at the Rēzekne Art Combine, where he is offered a job as a woodcarver. In this work, not only the knowledge acquired at school, but also the heart and soul are put to use.

At the beginning of the Revival, Valdis turned to agriculture. Since 1992, he has been the owner of the "Zemīši" farm. Having founded a family, he is raising 3 daughters.

He has held exhibitions of his paintings in the "Kolnasāta" museum of Frančas Trasuns of Sakstagals Parish, Rikava Elementary School and Culture House, Galēni, etc. Valdis Onužanas' paintings are in the private collections of many local parishes and residents of Latvia, and have also traveled to Sweden, Norway, Australia, America and other countries.
The artist has his own workshop in a Latgale country house, where you can enjoy the silence and peace of the countryside. Along with all his works, Valdis has always drawn and painted, because this is the calling of his heart.

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Address Zemīši, Zīmeļovka, Kantinieku pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.595723; 27.083187
Phone +371 26345807
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