Attention of the people of the Vilani Alliance – opportunity to make proposals for changing the functional zoning of their property

The municipality of Rezekne informs the Municipality that the Rēzekne municipality council adopted the decision of 23 September 2021 “on the opening of the decision of the Municipal Council of Vilnius of 25 October 2018 on the launching of the Vilnius District Planning 2019-2031” (Amendment of No 13, § 26) and the decision of 29 December 2020 on the referral of the Revision of Vilnius District Planning to public consultation and opinion (No 17, § 1), as well as amending the name of the programming document as defined in the Decision and the Annex thereto from “Planning of Vilnius District” 2019.  “Year 2031” to “Rēzekne Municipality Planning”.

In accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia, the spatial plan of the local government is a development planning document. It defines functional zoning, public infrastructure, regulated territory use and building regulations as well as other conditions and restrictions of the use of the territory, balancing the interests of persons and society with the possibilities of sustainable development of the territory.

The spatial plan of the Rēzekne municipality is binding on all legal and natural persons – land owners, legal managers who possess properties and which are located in the territory of the Vilnius Alliance.

Currently, citizens have the opportunity to make proposals for changing the functional zoning in a particular plot of land, if such need arises in relation to the planned use of the property. We draw your attention to the fact that the new Rēzekne municipality is a long-term document, so it is very important to reconsider future plans for the use of its property.

In the maps of the spatial plan of the spatial plan, all land properties are coloured (yellow, dark yellow, green, violet, etc.) or functional zoning – a mansion building area (DzS), a low-storey residential building area (DzM), a multi-storey residential building area (DzD), an agricultural area (L), a forest area (M), a public building area (P), an industrial building area (R), etc., which determine the requirements for the utilisation of the territory and the construction parameters. If you have uncertainties about the above, you can call a phone number or write e-mail.

Written proposals for change of functional zoning or recommendations for the development of Vilnius TP are invited to be submitted to the municipality of Rezekne by 1 February 2022 (address: municipality of Rezekne, Liberation alley 95A, Rēzekne, LV-4601 or Vilnius Association Board, cultural area 1A, Vilnius, LV-4650; e-mail:

Sfor azinah:

Rēzekne municipality District Planning Planning Division Inga Cross (telephone 27273566,;

Rēzekne Municipality Development Planning Division Territorial Planner-Cartography Tatjana Carklence (telephone 64607205,

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