Opening of the Community Resource Centre in Sakstagal


Active Communities

On 27 May, a measure opened by the Community Resource Centre was held at Sakstagala Jānis KCo. in the framework of the “active Community” project. The project 'active Community' is implemented in four municipalities. At the end of 2019, the Community Resource Centres were discovered in Preilos and Daugavpils. In early 2020, such a centre was also opened in Aglona. The European Centre for Resources of Rezekne is dedicated to the presence of a free nature and is accessible to a broad range of society.
In view of the constraints of the emergency situation, the event of the opening of the Community Resource Centre included the representatives of the Head of the British Council in Latvia, Zane Matesovičs, the representatives of the municipality of Rezekne, the persons responsible for the centre of educational initiatives and THE community activists OF Sakstagala parish.
The National Council Representations in Latvia, the Centre for Education Initiatives and the municipality of Rezekne for co-operation of the municipality of Rezekne are of great importance.
Director of the Centre for the establishment of the Centre and principal work organizer, Sakstagala Jānis KCo., Director of Basic School Sylvia Freiberga, launching the centre opening event at the total fire, said significant words: “the story is about the fire that warms. The story is about a circle joining. To be in this circle, you must be able to get inside. There must be people who encourage a circle to work together, work, live, learn. If you get in this circle, you must work together so that you don't get out of the circle! 'Thanks to her enthusiasm and her ability to excite her vision and confidence in other Community representatives, the result is obvious and visible to the eye as well as widely used.
Zane Matesovičs said to the present: “let this place inspire to come together and operate!” Let this place inspire to do something outside the usual way, so that everyone can make Latvia together, and also the world as a better place to live! ”
In assessing the work invested, the President OF the Rēzekne District Council said Monvīds Švarcs: “Your activity is appropriate for the age. At the moment, this activity not only encourages them to come here, both those who actually worked here and those who live in Signagala. Probably guests who are going to camps and excursions. Wish to be active in the Community and participate not only in such works, but also to be active in other public events, including those relating to the activities of the municipality! '
The head of the educational administration, Guntars ants, said, speaking to the participants in the event, “this is a new, arranged, attacked, well-developed place to be filled with content. The place where the society works to be together. '
In order to arrive at the point of opening the centre, no effort had to be made. The highest load on the centre of the centre will be on the shoulders of the local community. As from January, when the unusually warm winter was due, the local farmer went through the land of the land that had grown over the years. The work on the work was followed by the sawing works of the bushes and the ageing trees, as well as the grabbing of the old peat with their hands. In spite of the weather, it was performed in February and March. The planting of pine trees, the construction of wooden structures in the local farm “Majori” and their installation work in the installation of the route were carried out due to the local community's response and the willingness to operate.
This is just a part of the works with which the centre of the centre started. Part of the work was carried out in the light of the constraints of the emergency situation in the country.
In order to be binding on both large and small visitors, the Community Resource Centre was asked to advise the students who created the sketches with their ideas. It must be said that the ideas were significant and many of them have been realised in life. Thus, students had the opportunity to use their skills and feel the taste of their work.
For the smallest members of the Community, a playground is created, the obstacle route is intended for active and physically strongest young people, while the fire site will bring people to a shared recreation by activity.
The establishment of a Community Resource Centre took part in the population of the Community of different ages, pupils, pupils' parents and grandparents.
The greatest satisfaction was to observe the joy and pride of the people of the Community for their performance. As they say, there is a wonderful place to gather, work together and rest.
Thanks to the British Coucil representation in Latvia, the staff of the Centre for Education Initiatives, the municipality of Rezekne, the educational administration, Sakstagala Jānis KCo. for primary school director, pedagogical collective and technical staff, as well AS Sakstagala parish for Community activists on the work invested!
Every lead, family with children, relatives, friends, is invited to travel to THE parish OF Sakstagala and spend time.
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Photo: Alexander Lebed, Ilona Sharaka
Local Community co-ordinator of the “active Community” project Biruta Reivāne
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