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Namely and do

Since 2016, the municipality of Rezekne has been implementing the youth project “namely and doing”, the of this project is to develop the skills of the target group youth, provide them with the necessary support, knowledge and motivation to promote the involvement of young people in employment, education or THE active employment or preventive unemployment reduction measures implemented BY THE SEA, as well as in the activities of non-governmental organisations and youth centres.

5 mentors and 2 programme managers are currently working with young people in the municipality of Rezekne. To date, there are 216 young people who have received different types of support. Young people have had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in a wide variety of sectors, professions and career directions that enable them to be more easily involved in employment, or to understand what education and directions he needs to grow, develop and become a full-fledged specialists in the labour market and industry, such as young people, accounting, records, special pedagogy, psychologist, woodworking specialists, stitching, piracy, floristic, beautician, photographer, pedagogy, designer, carcass, nail-care, designer, carcass, nail-care, designer, carcass, photographer, nursery, Latvian language, B, C and CE category, and many other non-formal learning courses.

In addition to non-formal education courses, young people are offered the opportunity to attend consultations of various specialists – careers of a career consultant, psychologist, IUK commercial activity and, if necessary, other sectoral specialists are also involved. 

With the involvement of young people in the project, each of them is provided with support from a mentor and a programme manager who directs and supports the implementation of the individual action programme. THE IPP is drawn up in assessing the past experiences, interests and expectations of each young person.

In view of the current state of emergency in the country, work with young people is continued remotely. Online meetings with specialists, mentors and program managers, even Online visits to educational institutions and businesses are organised. Learning centres and other non-formal learning institutions adapt and offer the learning of different courses at a distance.

Currently, the municipality of Rezekne has only 14 seats in the project, so do not prevent the opportunity, tell us others, or call yourself, and together we will find solutions to grow, develop and improve your professional skills.

The project is administered by the youth international programme agency. The project is financed by co-financing of the European Social Fund.

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Project coordinator:

Baiba Tulnut

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