Bērzgales parish Antona Rupaiņa museum

Museum manager: Skaidrīte Apeināne
Working time: Monday-Friday 8.00-16.30. A lunch break at 12:00-12:30 Saturdays and Sundays may be visited by a museum following a prior application. T: +37129497151.
Admission fee: 2,00 EUR.
Free entrance: pre-school students and pupils (children under 18 years of age), persons with disabilities; orphans and children left with parental care.
Brief description:

Antona Rupaiņa Museum is located in the village of Rēzekne Bērzgales, who is located in a picturesque place between Micānu and Meirānu Lakes.

The versatile personality Antona Rupaiņa of the writer is reflected in many photographs, documents, books, personal belongings. The presence of the latgalic colorite and humor in the juicy expressions of the writer, who are read on the walls of the exhibition: "Siedieja pi raksteišonas kai vysta perēšonas laikā", "Sirds jam trokoja kai jauns kumeļš", "Sirds vieļ trokoja kai sašķeļvineita ols muca".

By visiting Antona Rupaiņa Museum, it is possible not only to see the exhibition in the museum, but also to look at the parish historical sites: said Kirkas mountain, Sv. The Anna Roman Catholic Church, the Veitko family grave, and the Antons Rupains monument to Bērzgales in the graveyard, the brothers' graves, the old-fashioned island in the Micānu Lake, the Veitko Manor building, the lake of Lake Micānu. As a guide to tourists, the installed information plates at the viewing sites will be excellent.

Museum pedagogical programs are offered to students: “Kas ir babys pyura skreinī / Kas ir vecāsmātes pūra lādē”, “Spēlēsim teātri”, “Bērzgales stāsti”.

After visiting the museum and getting to know the historical places of Bērzgale, visitors can have a delicious meal in the "Rīts" canteen.

Address Rītupes iela 34, Bērzgale, Bērzgales pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.6311943; 27.5121919
Phone +371 29497151
E-mail skaidrite.apeinane@rezeknesnovads.lv
Homepage www.berzgale.lv
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