Kuļņevas (Ilzeskalna) Orthodox Church

Mikhail Kuļņevs, owner of Jakov Kuļņev's brother, Ilzenberg (Ilzeskalna), was raised by the Orthodox Church. By 1899, the church was called Ilzenberg (Ilzeskalna), then, after the Holy Sinode, was renamed to the Church of Kuļņevo and served as a chapel, a bell tower was built from bricks in 1868. The church is a rectangular building with semiconductor side projections in the form of niche. Yakov Kuļņevs was buried in the right alcove, the wife of Mikhail Kuļneva. The grave places are below the floor, two white monuments in the form of sarcophagus are placed above them. The place of the grave is a unique object of view, which is rare in Latvian Orthodox churches.

The church altar is built around the area. It is classic shapes with cornetic shapes. In particular, an iconstasis – a giant building in the form of an antique pork that is luxurated with painted paintings in the 19 th century. It is a protected monument of national significance.

The church has been repaired several times, the largest repairs (both outside and inside) occurred in 1912 due to the 100-th anniversary of Jakov Kuļņeva. It is a stone building with a cluster, a plaster.

In 1987, a lightning flashed in the church, and a fire emerged, and the interior was completely damaged, the roof collapsed, more rigid in the church's inner room. (plateau, 2006)

In 2012, the capital repair of the church was completed, performed with the financial support of the municipality of Rezekne and the Russian State.

Address Ilzeskalns, Ilzeskalna pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.6411634; 27.3944161
Phone +371 64644580
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