Janopoles Upurvīksna

The sacrifice is located in the municipality of Rēzekne. 140 m A from Rēzekne – Dagda highway, 650 m DA from Janopole Manor, landed 7 m from Gribuļi peat, 500 m south-east of where the road to Rozenmuižu is turned. The local residents tell them that there had been in the tree, and there was a church service.
Circumference: 4,57 m
Height: 9.2 m
Crown projection: 55 m2
Node length: up to 5,1 m
They had long_ago seen the two tops at the height of 4 m, now the bush's green new branches. An iron frame of the pilgrimage was still visible in the twig.

Address Griškānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.46118689999999; 27.378879900000015
Phone +371 64640431
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