Vogulu ceramic workshop “Ceplīši”

The knowledge and skills of artists makes it possible to create a modern-day experience of recharged modern business. The ceramic workshop is a colourful and black ceramic. In masters' works there is a feeling of fundamentality and stability. Permanent exhibition. The owners are welcome to local tourism routes in the immediate vicinity.

We, one of the most brightest representatives of Latgale ceramics, call upon you to meet our performance, as well as waiting in the village “Voguls”, where every day is unique clay objects - pots, vases, cups, bowls, candles and whistles. We are working with both colored and blessed or black burnt technique. His masterness is expressed by creating the basic forms of traditional Latgale ceramics, placing his own style and colour gamma, which is typical of the Vogulu ceramic workshop.

The ceramic workshop “Voguls” offers excursions to individual visitors, families, pupils, wedding guests, and all other stakeholders, wedding guests and killing and removal - read more on the website!

Address Ceplīši, Lendžu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.5632596; 27.4622324
Phone +371 29926376
E-mail voguls@hatmail.lv, arī WhatsApp
Homepage www.voguls.lv
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