Feimanu civil parish

13404.7 ha

Pagasta kopējā platība

1212.7 ha


6829.0 ha


3946.3 ha

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Iedzīvotāju skaits (uz 01.07.2022)

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Feimaņi earlier called “Vīmina”, which might be derived from the word “vineycase”, that is, “one-man” (a pearl wheel with one leg). He had lived around 70 podiers in the area. Around Feimaņu in the lake, almost every hill stood a bowl-burning house and, in every third corner of the room, or in any other room, twisted the pearl wheel. The other Polish and German gentlemen, in the absence of this name, began to use fimin in place of the voices, which remained to today as Feimaņi. There is also a second explanation of the origin of the word: Feimaņi is derived from the German word Vieh (animal) spoken by the people of Vienna. When, in 1939, K. Ulmanis issued directions for local names, THE non-Latvian village name Feimaņi Rēzekne county management decided to change to Multillake, only this process could not be completed.

THE parish OF Feimaņu is located in Latgale High Street, and the beautiful natural landscapes are those that link both local residents and do not leave an indifference in the ordinary passer. Excellent view of Feimaņu villages from Leinacoline and Sleeping, Population Feimaņu Lake as regards the distribution of Covid-19 (also Kazimirova and For lepers, Lake Rushon Furnace bay with the islands in it from Dudars, but to the entire area OF Feimaņu parish from Rushon's woodland view tower.

Feimaņu parish can be safely referred to as one of the lakes for richer parish in Latvia, as there are 14 lakes in its territory, seven of which are larger than 10 ha, including Lake Rushon (662.9 ha, maximum depth 29.9 m), which is the eighth largest lake in Latvia. It contains 34 peninsula, 10 of which are included in the special number of protected natural sites. Feimaņu lakes and Rushon lakes have been contemplated by poets in their poems Andris Vējāns: “You're a junior and a jump-page, with a scientist and a shepherd. It is a golden watch, a blue watch, a wave bell. '

THE parish OF Feimaņu has maintained a large biological diversity with protected plant species such as pundurbirch, plain plateau, purple single-leaf, forest warmth and others. Two beans grow in the parish area.

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