Open new resting place “sunflower”



In September 2022, by submitting an application for a project competition “Support for the creation and development of companies in Rezekne District”, Biruth Buharinn's path to the fulfillment of his dream began. By celebrating the day of children's protection, June 3 was a double festival – a new resting place for daily and festival “sunflower” was discovered. By celebrating the important event, the businessman invited him to bring the rest of the rest together, to cut the solemn tape, to play the sport “Mamanet”, which was popularity of Rēzekne, to engage in various activities for children and adults, to engage with catamarans, to enjoy canoes, to a fire-boiled soup and a bar “sunfist” offering for children and adults.

On the day of the day, Biruta is the head of the “East vidzeme” Rēzekne department. The work is related to the training of unemployed persons and workers. For a while, Biruth had a dream of being there, doing nothing and getting a good feeling to be a place to take guests and share positive emotions. Also, the possibility has been – near home is 3 ha of land that has been unused for a long time. But it was last year that daylight came, and now there is a new resting place in Rēzekne's municipality, “sunflower.” Sunflower – because it is yellow, emitting positive, associated with a sun that gives warmth and joy. All members of the family support, participate in the organisation of events, and in doing so, Biruta itself has understood how strong it is and that all obstacles can be overcome.

The place of rest “sunflower” is intended for family events, picnic, parties and any other event, and activities and designs may be applied. The main object of the rest area is geodompol. Also installed in a cottage tree, sandwich, recreational corner, photo area, football and volleyball sites, grill and fire place, cuble. A frog chorus can be heard from early morning. Future plans are also ambitious. There is an idea of creating a summer terrace on the island in the pond – it might be a stopping place for cabbages, as forest strawberries grow in the meadow and smell and smell Ieva. In the future, it is planned to restore premises and sauna to expand, but the main is to drive people so they have something to see and enjoy, so that the people who come here are free.

Biruta emphasizes that the support of the municipality of Rezekne has been inmeasurable. Rezekne District Municipalities project competition “Support for the creation and development of companies in Rezekne municipality” there is very strong support for business start-ups and the realization of dreams. A very large impact is on targeted seminars for entrepreneurs – the experience gained by Biruta seminar “RAD -! - DANCE” helped the whole “stack along the shelves”, plan and structure, plan future intentions.

Biruta Buharin Contact Phone 26445987

Wish the entrepreneur to achieve the goals set and seek the successful realization of future dreams and hopes!

Rezekne Municipality Development Specialist
Evita Igaune:, Tel: 25748078

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