In the night OF museums AT Lūznavas, the estate will be invited to explore the digital art



On Saturday, 19 May, Lūznavas in the new art room “Kulturys škiuņs” at 19.00 will open the second international digital art exhibition “land/sea/signal” where artists from France, Ireland and Latvia will participate in their works. On the same day, an hour before, at At 18.00, an exhibition of student works of the Rēzekne Technology Academy will be opened in the exhibition hall. On the other hand, 20.00 to 21.30. in a laser workshop, any interested party will be able to observe how the students of THE JSC Soikāns Ludza art school Nautrēnu realize their creative ideas using laser technologies.
This exciting event takes place within THE framework of THE EU “Creative Europe” project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA (digital art covers Europe)”. The project partners are digital art centres in Dublin (Ireland), Belfort (France) and the municipality of Rezekne (Lūznavas maniža). The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between digital artists and cultural acquaintants in Europe, thereby developing innovation and promoting the popularity of digital art at international level.
Exhibition “land/sea/signal” a combination of artists whose works reflect the nature of Internet infrastructure and the complex socio-political conditions. Artists offer their vision, giving the opportunity to distinguish the reality of complex technologies. Through the works of artists, we look at human interaction, experience and technological relations by monitoring the interaction between people, technologies and the environment.
“We are all part of this information system that sends data to the Welcome Portal, deals in financial markets, resolves our credit ratings and optimizes our cities by taking power and public restructuring functions. Infinite data flow and transformation in this system are provided by appropriate hardware and software updates in collaboration with smart algorithms that process data and make decisions themselves. Everything we do becomes part of the system, but it therefore raises the question of system and cultural heritage relations as well as us as users of this system.
The exhibition “land/sea/signal” examines how we perceive and understand this system, which includes not only incompatibilities between people, machines, data exchange interfaces and data, but also difficulties in addressing environmental and socio-political issues. The exhibition presents a new understanding of the system and its essence, ” – said in the exhibition catalogue. At the opening day of the exhibition, viewers will have an exclusive opportunity to listen to the artists themselves, as they say about their works.
RTA student work at the exhibition “digital experiment in design” the work of the professional master's study programme “design”, the professional bachelor study programme “interior design”, as well as the student works of the first level vocational higher education programme “clothing design and technology”, which they have created for the research centre of the doctors – RTA physical processes and laser technology research centre (hereinafter, FPLPC) Laboratory Anton Pazynski, “clothing design and technology” Director of Silvija Mežinska and the programme “interior design” under the direction of Diana Apeles, in the annual section experimentation in the field of digital art.
In the early stages of the project, research students on the origins and current events of laser technologies were guided by Prof. PHD Lubomir Lazovs from Bulgaria, THE leading researcher of RTA FPLPC with 40 years of material laser processing experience, the author of publications, the head of dissertation. FPLPC leader Dr. phys., Pavel narica explained the role of laser technology in many of the sectors of the modern economy.
Using laser-processing technologies, various experiments with varied materials — plastic, wood, paper, plastics, foam, glass, textile fabrics and natural skin — were carried out under the guidance of doctors. The work developed was designed as a project, as an experimental process, performing theoretical research by using graphic computer programs, as well as involving industry experts – engineers in the implementation of works.
The exhibition shows experimental results of garments and accessories of clothing designers in natural skin laser labelling, forming a decorative motive clothing collection “sketch” in material, textile fabric and natural skin laser cutting, complementing both decorative and functional accessories of accessories. Similarly, the exhibition shows the light objects developed by students of the bachelor programme “interior design”, both floor lighting, table lamps and cardboard lights. The design of light objects, mainly as a raw material, used plastic (acrylic) in white, black and transparent and wood-based plywood.
Laser workshops participants - ten students of THE Jsc Soikāns Ludza Art School WILL develop an individual creative design solution for a specific design object and, in collaboration with educators, realize it using laser technologies. Material - acrylic, plywood or natural skin. Result - a unique object design that will be created by combining modern materials, hand-to-hand and modern technologies, participants. The workshops will be directed by Anton Package, Diana Apele and Sylvia Mežinska.
“Each digital art exhibition is an amazing process where you don't really know exactly what's going to be.” It is only when everything is built, inserted and launched that we have an exhibition, so we have a sense of excitement in our way. But on the basis of the experience of the previous year, we hope that this exhibition will also be a sort of magnet for people who drive to see the Rēzekne municipality, Lūznavas Manor, where they can look at ultra-new and modern things in traditional spaces, ”– a digital art that reveals new, unexplored possibilities, says Lūznavas Manor manager Iveta Balzer.
The “land/sea/signal” exhibition will be considered from 19 May to 29 June. Similar exhibitions are also open in the partner countries of the project - France and Ireland.
On the EUCIDA project
The project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA (digital art covers Europe)” is from 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2019. The total budget of the project is EUR 344 000, of which EUR 41 000 is part of the co-financing of the municipality of Rezekne and EUR 41 885 is the financing of THE EU “Creative Europe” programme. Within the framework of the project, all stakeholders have the opportunity to see the digital art exhibitions created by Latvian, Irish and French artists IN Lūznavas Manor, to meet the artists of different countries, as well as to visit creative workshops by testing the possibilities of digital laser equipment in the creation of artistic works. The project also offers opportunities for artist residences: the Rēzekne artist Gundega Strautmane worked for ten days at the Digital Art Center in Dublin (Ireland), while French artist Jacques Lopez was active IN Lūznavas manor and showed what works of art can be created using laser equipment. The project also offers scholarships for artists and cultural workers who can attend digital art exhibitions. More information on website www.reseknes, accounts on social networks
Prepared by Anna Ranāne
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