Kurpinīku crucifix

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The crucifix is also called “Boņuka Cross”, as the crucifix was filmed by one of the most sincere scenes of Jāņa Streiča film “Cylvāka bārns”, taken after Jāņa Klīdzēja novel. Once, this massive crucifix has been in the courtyard of the writer Jāņa Klīdzēja in the yard of the family house.

The crucifix is located at the edge of the road, in a small elevation from which the surrounding area is visible. The object is naturally present in the surrounding rural landscape, forming a beautiful dominance. The image of Christ, created by the oak tree, is evidence of the skills of the People's craftsmen. The improvement of the interior of the roof indicates the viability of the tradition and the present day. The overall form of the sacred object confirms the interactions of the People's and Christian traditions only in the manner typical of Latgale.

Over time, the outdoor crucifixes have suffered much, but the society has always sought to preserve cultural values. In the late 1980 s, the interest of Latgalians on the restoration of crucifixes grew in the late 1980 s. The Kurpinīku crucifix was restored by the landlord Osvalds Salmanis (09.11.1938-05.10 .2018). In 2021, during the storm, the surrounding trees caused damage to the crucifix and the roof was broken. In 2022, the crucifix roof, columns and floor were restored while preserving the historical evidence of the crucifix. The Christ figure was also restored during the crucifix.

  The inclusion of Kurpinīku crucifixes in the National Register of Protected Monuments is currently taking place.

Latgale is the only region in Latvia where crucifixes occur outside the church building or residential premises. Latgale village and knee crucifixes are included in the rural landscape. Crucifix is the place of crystal action and the symbol of Christian faith that may be requested at any time. The most often the crucifix is the May singing.

Address Kūrpinīki, Rikavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.662067; 26.959677
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