Vecsloboda mound

The castle (222.8 m v.j.l.,) belongs to the most ambitious protective structures in Latvia and has been populated already in the second half of the 1 st year of our era.

At Vecsloboda village, approx. 2 km from Kaunatas Catholic Church, between Stoļerovas and Rogaižas Road, the Great Vecsloboda castle, which stands around 40 m above the nearest surroundings. The 10 th of the castle lived in the Latgale tribes. Until today, a full-scale protective valve and ditch have been preserved. A wide and landscape view opens from the castle. The castle is located in the surrounding area, which stands at 40 m above the surroundings and 222 m v.j.l. The fortifications are built in a river-dr-oriented hill which is particularly steep in A, D and R slopes. A valve and a ditch formed at the lower end of the garden, which are transformed into the slopes of the castle, turn into a terrace that closes the entire castle. The hill-aligned plane with a diameter of 40-50 m has a slight inclination against the z. A black-and-white cultural layer is expressed in the castle, in which colourless and coloured dish fragments are obtained as selenium creatures. The findings indicate that the castle is populated. Fig. I in the second half and Fig. II in the first centuries. A number of ancient graves are located in the area of the old strip.

Address Vecsloboda, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.3425; 27.5785
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