an educatee, a scientist, a creative, cheerful child who lives healthy, safe and active, works independently in the world, grows at the patriot of his country.

Parish works:

  • library where Internet connection is available, copier, computer hardware,
  • The practice of Jānis Visocka's family doctor,
  • a cultural house in which the folklore “Water” is active,
  • the centre for children and young people in which children and young people can attend a toy room, game room, as well as parish residents (for payment) is an opportunity to visit shower and use laundry services,
  • Orphan's Court,
  • the communal farm.

Ozolmuižas is a sports area where sports festivals are held every year.

Ozolmuiža civil parish library

Ozolmuižas pagasta bibliotēkas ēka Activity: provide free access to information and communication technologies, provide libraries and information services and advice.

Address: “Laima”, Ozolmuiža, Ozolmuižas civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4633
Manager: Diana Strucinska
Tel.: 64644032
Email: Manor parish, Rezekne novj, LV-4633


Ozolmuižas People's House

Ozolmuižas pagasta kultūras nams Address: “center”, Ozolmuiža, Ozolmuižas parish, Rezekne novj, LV-4633





Ozolmuiža parish folklore “Water”

Year of dibināšanas: 2002

Manager: Madara Evon

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