Economic activity

Largest farms:

  • “Luxury house” (owner I. Grain, grain-farming
  • “Hills” (owner g. Anderson, potato production)
  • “Fever” (owner A. Agafonov, grain farming)
  • “Sheep” (owner L. Melne, active in milk production)
  • 'California' (A. Kjakste, fish farming, tourism, cereals)
  • 'Whites' (owner L. Harčevska, deals with tourism, horse husbandry)
  • “Silvia” (owner g. Omuls, engaged in the provision of technical services)
  • organic farm “ancient house” (owner Arnis Petrovskis, active in sheep farming)


EVERY “Gunar Krukovsky” - Manufacture of cardboard and carpenter products

SIA “NORMETT” - artist activity, mechanical treatment

SIA “PK Technique” - Installation of pipelines, heating and air-conditioning equipment, construction of water supply systems 

SIA “Project steps” - Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery

EVERY “Rushone-smith” - Health and medicine

ZS “GATEWAY” - beekeeping

SIA “AGRO-PEAT” - production and agglomeration of peat

EVERY V & M Archery - arc shooting, armour (Facebook)

Farm farm “Lukstinkēvičs”

The farm “Lukstinkēvičs” is active in the production and marketing of fresh vegetables in the local market. The farm offers fresh and acidified cabbages, potatoes, carrots, table beet, onions, circles.

The cultivation of vegetables has been carried out for more than 20 years. In addition to growing fresh vegetables in the open field, it is possible to buy cucumbers and tomatoes in the summer season. During the autumn and winter period, it has been possible for more than 5 years to purchase flavour acidic cabbages with no preservatives or additional substances in their processing shop. Cabbage acidification occurs after ancient ancestral methods in barrels with stone pressed.

“Whites” of the horse

In the picturesque ancient corner of Rēzekne River Rēzekne is one of the most known and favorite horse holdings in Latvia. It is not only to learn the skill of riding and to go in horse riding, but also to rest in free nature, to celebrate anniversaries and wedding.

In 2014, the farm was awarded the cultural mark "Latvian heritage" for the preservation of Latvian cultural and household heritage.

The “whites” of the Horse of Horse offers:

  • horse riding, riding on horse saddles and in a carpet, in winter, on horse sledges;
  • picnic and recreational craft;
  • walks in the wedding park;
  • rating and horse-to-horse exercises;
  • a repertoire wedding day for diversification;
  • tent places;
  • riding sports activities under the auspices of a certified instructor.

Latgale sports dog school

Natalja Zucha has been working with dogs since 1991, when the German sheep dog Creator appeared in her family. This dog, Natalia, visited the exhibitions, worked on the dog's training. In 2004, the family came to a doberman with whom he started to pursue a dog sport.

In order to promote the dog sport - adjaciliti, Natalia established a society in 2014, but in 2017 he started to rent an English, so that other stakeholders could be engaged with the adjacent. Natalya also advises people who think about the arrival of a four-legged friend in the family, telling them what species of species may have to face, which congenital diseases can be in dogs of different breeds, teach what documents should be given to the dogs of a particular breed. Natalia helps to find honest dog growers so that they do not have a problem with their family lovers.

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