We invite students of classes 3 to 6 to participate in the competition “whether my bathing is safe”!


For young people

In order to promote pupils' understanding of the basic principles of safe bathing and encourage pupils and their parents/guardians to assess the safety conditions of the school's chosen bathing site, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (SPCC) calls on students in Classes 3 to 6 of the General Education Authorities to participate in the competition “is my bathing site safe?”.

To participate in the competition:

  • Each participant in the competition, together with parents/guardians, must go to a bathing site selected by the pupil.
  • Each participant of the competition shall assess the selected bathing site using the prepared bathing site assessment questionnaire. After completion of the bathing site assessment questionnaire in the form of free text, the conclusions regarding the safety of the bathing site should be described in Latvian and proposals should be made to improve the situation in the bathing site (up to 150 words).
  • A creative name must be chosen for the selected bathing site.
  • The selected bathing site must be photographed [3] as high as possible and the picture must be submitted in. jpg,. png or. pdf format.
  • A completed bathing assessment questionnaire, photograph (s) and additional information (given name, surname, school name and class, address of the place of residence/educational institution, communication email address) must be sent to the e-mail address in konkurss@spkc.gov.lv until 14 July at 23.59.

Why do i participate in the competition?

  • The participants of the competition will have a great opportunity to improve knowledge of the basic principles of safe bathing.
  • The 5 best authors of creative works from Groups 3-4 and 5 to 6 will receive practical and excellent individual prizes.
  • Each participant in the competition will receive a thank-you article in electronic format.

The animation video developed by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is invited for inspiration and development of knowledge “Be waterproof” and 360 virtual video tourists for safety at and on water. In order to better assess risks in the bathing site, we are invited to fill in the worksheets.  

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