We are invited to participate in healthy dietary masters!

Healthy diet is a cornerstone of human wellbeing and health. Of course, physical activity is important, but in order for a person to feel and look good, the importance of nutrition is much greater, as he does not say in vain: “you are what you eat”. Often a man doesn't think about it until something starts to hurt or, in the worst case, get some health problems. There are, of course, people who don't know what a healthy diet is and do not be able to prepare it for themselves or their closest, so the project “lives healthy in Rēzekne District!”, the people of Rezekne municipality are offered the opportunity to participate in healthy diets and learn or supplement their knowledge and skills in the preparation of healthy food.

Already 22 January 2021 from at 10:00 to 13:00 to his first healthy diedieval class, which will take place remote in online mode (Zoom platform), prompted Dricānu parish people, but from at 14:00 to 17:00 to his first healthy diedieval class, which will take place remote in online mode (Zoom platform), prompted Kaunatas parish people.  

Duration of masters in 180 min. The activities will be managed by a certified Specialists. In both healthy diets:

  • The nutritional specialist will tell on nutrition as a healthy lifestyle ingredient (a healthy lifestyle component, a role in health promotion, a contribution to health based on balanced diet); on healthy edible plates (how to divide the plate and place the products in such a way that all the necessary nutrients are absorbed in a balanced quantity?); on the consequences of excessive use of the sugar.
  • The nutritional specialist will prepare two meals with the participants: ar Push-filled paprika and carrot - oat cups (provide an insight into the cooking process; inform the food ingredients, their diversity and their possibilities for food preparation, their importance in promoting health);
  • Nutrition expert will provide information the preparation and storage of food.

Each participant of the event will be prepared a sachet with the necessary products for the preparation of both prescriptions (1 portions). The boxes will be delivered to the associations where the participants will be able to take them by co-ordinating it with project coordinators (Marika Skabardi by telephone 22311127 (PROJECT coordinator of THE Dricānu parish association) and Aija Kuzminsk by telephone 29474627 (1 TP22T parish association project coordinator). 

10 members are scheduled to be included in one group. Before proceeding with each of the participants, the organisers will be contacted by telephone to resolve technical issues related to the course of the activities. 

We invite you to login electronically HERE, or by phone 28711023 (reminding that there is a limited number of jobs). 

Residents of THE MALTESE parish association and THE NAUTRENE parish association Healthy diet masters this AUTUMN of THIS YEAR will take place. 

The “Support Groups” event takes place on the project “live healthy in Rezekne District” by the municipality of Rezekne. No The project was supported by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Nathalie Bernanne,
Rezekne municipality project “Live healthy in Rezekne District!”

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