Laureates of the Latvian Agriculture Ministry's competition “sover 2020”, among them also the Rēzekne municipality



On Wednesday, October 7, Latvia's National Library, Riga, Agriculture Minister Kaspars Gerhards and President of Latvia Egils Levits welcomed the winners of the Latvian Agriculture Ministry's competition “singer 2020” – farmers, including young farmers, food producers and small pools. Alexei Danilin, owner of the Latvian farm “Liepkalns”, is awarded the nomination “new successful farmer”.

The biologically certified farm “Liepkalns” IN Ilzeskalna parish offers various types of organic cereals grown, processed and pre-packed on the farm located IN THE parish OF Ilzeskalna, Rēzekne. Since 2019, due to the support of various projects, the farm also started the processing of food products. Type of production: BIO green buckwheat, BIO buckwheat (without additives/with organic spinach or table beet) and peas macaroni, BIO Green buckwheat flour, BIO-broken peas and peas meal, BIO full-grain wheat and rye flour. The bakery “bears” is also used for the production of baked buckwheat grown in the Z/s “Liepkalns”. Farm organic products can also be found in the catalogue

This year, the winners of the competition “singer” were awarded and awarded the award in eight nominations, as well as a prize for “a life contribution to agriculture”.

Winner 2020 laureates 

Award “for a lifelong contribution to agriculture” – member of the board of directors of the Latvian agronomist society, the farmer Valdis dzenim and Dr. Rehabil.agr., Professor emeritus Antonam Ruth

Nomination “annual farm” 

Tukums municipality SIA “Lestene”, manager Egil Seņkanan

Nomination “annual company in food production” 

SIA “Daugulis & Partners”, Livani

Nomination “family in rural area” 

Syrian family, Sia “Svenne” SIA

Nomination “new successful farmer” 

Alexei Danilin, Rēzekne municipality, ZS “Liepkalns”

Nomination “the most successful co-operation of the year”

“Baltic berry company”, Salaspils, Chairman of the Board Pauls Kantan

Nomination “organic farm” 

Hotel Municipality ZS “meldri E.B.”, owner Eglons brown

Nomination “tomorrow's singer — a member of a small circle” 

Otto lynx, Daugavpils parish “spark”, Kekava municipality, Zinaida Matisone and Zane Miķelsone

Nomination “science in practice and innovation” (in the group “science for innovation”)

Dr. Biol. Editte Kaufman and leading co-authors ing. Dallie Seglina, PHD. Pawel Gornas, Dr. agr. Sylvia Ruiz, ing. Inta Krasnova, mg. agr. Regina Ranāne – project “Perspectives for the green cultivation of fruit plants — Chaenomeles japonica” and the results of research results of non-residue processing technologies

This year, the competition “souler” took place for 27 th time, with 45 participants. The winners of the competition received an annual prize “singer” (bronze statue), a diploma and a money prize.

The award of the competition “singer” has become one of the most important measures for farmers, while the name of the laureate “singer” is a sign of the evidence of the work. More information on the competition is available on the website

17 October, Saturday, at The 15:55 television channel TV3 will show a broadcast on the winners of the competition 2020.

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