Blood donor day IN Feimaņu civil parish

On August 14, that year, from 9.00-12.00 National blood donation centre (MANAGEMENT) organizes donor day AT Feimaņu parish administration premises, Rēzekne District Feimaņu “oak”.
THE DOCTOR invites the doctor to donate blood so that you can maintain a stable blood stock and provide patients with the necessary blood components in medical treatment. It is not possible to create blood stocks for long-term time because blood components have a limited period of validity: for red blood cells, it is 35 days, but platelets only 7 days, that is why independent blood donor responsiveness and help are required!
IT reminds you that people aged 18-65 may become a blood donor. Body weight must be above 50 kg. The transfer of blood is not desirable after a night shift, strained work or emotional experience.
Blood group and haemoglobin levels are determined before donating blood in the donor's blood. Each time after a full dose of blood donation, donor blood is laboratory tested to: viral hepatitis B (VHB) antigen, hepatitis C (VHC) antibodies, HIV I/II antibodies, syphilis antibodies, ABO group and Rh belonging to the molecular investigation of viral deoxyribonucleic acid — DNA or ribonucleic acid — RNA — VHC RNA, VHB DNA, HIV1/2 RNA. Donors should be interested in the results of their analyses within 3-4 working days after donation of blood by telephone: 8000 0003.
National haemorrhage centre
Administrative department
Tel.: 67408878; 28663415

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