Digital theme Christmas story



“Digital theme Christmas” – it is called an exhibition that was opened at the Rēzekne Technology Academy on Christmas Eve. The exhibition works in the design and laser-technology creative workshops that took place IN THE RTA in November and December for the Digital Art Project EUCIDA (European Connections in Digital Arts EUCIDA). The exhibition can be viewed from 18 December 2019 to 3 February 2020.
Students of the professional bachelor study programme “interior design” and the first level vocational higher education programme “clothing design and technology” students, doctors - Diana Apeles and Silvija Mežinska, as well as RTA's physical process and laser technology research centre technician Alexander Okuņeva, Imanta Aijan and Anton Pazeum, experimented in the autumn semester of this year in the field of digital art using laser technology in the processing of materials. In the final, decorative objects were developed – spruce Christmas design, a variety of New Year's carnival clothes and accessories design solutions.
At the exhibition IN RTA lobby, the Christmas decorative mirrors developed by the designers of the 1 st course, in which plastic (mirror-surface acrylic) was used as a raw material. IN THE RTA art terrace, the experimental design experimental, creative results of the designer designers of courses 1 and 2 are to be seen, where the idea is based on the synthesis of materials and technologies.
All students and doctors of THE RTA design study programmes involved in the project were agreed by the experiment's spirit in the design field for engineers and laser technology designers. Unknown absorption, it is a kind of art and science synthesis. Why would it not be a digital art in the Christmas mood this year?
Thank the students - Janai Kozulei, Baiba Medinica, Amanda Tutian, Valley Giluch, Sandra Zager, Gunita Murnier-Chris, Nathalie Broadow, Zelma Kahkala, Christine Rogozoo, Katerina Borisode, Valentine Juganov, Victoria Karzynia, Lāsmai Kucinai, Ksenia Danisin, and Martha Jenevsky.
Thanks to the Municipality of Rezekne, the EUCIDA project on the opportunity for students and doctors to interdisciplinary experimentation, research, create and implement new ideas and continually learn to cooperate with each other while working in a team, addressing issues, critically thinking, being creative. The final result is all - both the local government, the project team and the Rēzekne Technology Academy!
The Digital Art Project EUCIDA (European Connections in Digital Arts EUCIDA) is a platform for interdisciplinary experiments, research, the development of common non-traditional ideas and the creation of new works. EUCIDA is a three-year project financed by the European Union's “Creative Europe” programme and implemented by the modern art centre in Ireland (Rua red) and France (Espace Multimédia Gantner), in collaboration with the municipality of Rezekne. The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between digital artists and cultural acquaintants in Europe, thereby developing innovation and promoting the popularity of digital art at international level. The project will be concluded in January 2020 with a conference in Dublin (Ireland).
Diana Apele
Photo: Maris Justs, RTA
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