A digital Covid-19 certificate can be received in 93 national customer service centres and in several major cities

People who do not use the Internet or who do not have access to the website www.covid19sertifikats.lvthe National Health Service (Nvd) informs the National Health Service (NVD) of its digital Covid-19 certificate of vaccination, laboratory test or Covid-19.

From July 1, residents can log in to Riga Municipality to receive their digital Covid-19 certificate, while from July 5, the digital Covid-19 certificate will be printed and received at 18 different addresses in Riga. More information can be found Riga City Council website.

The issuance of certificates has also been initiated by information centres in other major cities – Jurmala, Sigulda, Jelgava, Limapos, Madona, Preilos, Saldou, Valmiera, Kraslava, Rēzekne, Daugavpils and Liepaja.

For all customer service centre phones, people can find out by phone 8989 or ask someone close to see information ON THE NVD web site www.vmnvd.gov.lv under “Digital Covid-19 certificate”.

THE NVD draws attention to the fact that a customer service centre or information centre should be contacted to find out the customer service order in the Covid-19 epidemic and to make a statement. When you go to a visit, you must take a personal identification document (passport or identity card). On arrival, the form will have to be completed and signed. The Centre employee will prepare a digital Covid-19 certificate and issue it in paper format during the visit.

It has been reported that the use of digital Covid-19 certificates has been launched in the Republic of Latvia from 1 June. The inhabitants of their digital Covid-19 certificates of vaccination, laboratory test results or Covid-19 may be created on the website www.covid19sertifikats.lvby connecting to any of the www.latvija.lv portal secure access features.

To date on the web site www.covid19sertifikats.lv more than 630 thousand digital Covid-19 certificates have been created. The most common population has issued a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, more than 530 thousand certificates. More than 72 thousand laboratory test results and more than 28 thousand certificates of Covid-19 disease have also been established.

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