Gaigalavas parish Sherjan village youth society “activists” realizes the project


For young people

Last autumn, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) for Rural Development (EAFRD) project No 12-01-LL23-l413201-000024 “Diversity of sports and recreational activities in the area of the“ rural economy and promotion of quality of life in the area of local development strategies ”, activity“ Purchase and installation of equipment, machinery, equipment, infrastructure technology and programme collateral and the creation of infrastructure for public activity (including training and interest club) ”, was drafted by the youth association“ activists ”. Project public funding – 4470.30 LVL. Gaigalavas parish government co-financing of LVL 497.00. Project Manager – Inese Vabale, project coordinator – Edgars enclosed.

The aim of writing this project was to create quality and different leisure opportunities for local people and to promote healthy lifestyles. Various types of trainers and sports equipment were purchased for the funds allocated to the project — a cycling, elliptical trainer, a bench for suppression, a trainer with legs, a vertical and horizontal, weight bars, a varying weight of weight, a batute, a jumbo, massage bombs, a massage gymnastic circle. They provide opportunities for multilateral sporting activities for different tastes throughout the year. The acquisition of trainers contributes to the joint resting and involvement of young people in useful activities, helps to preserve and improve their physical preparedness. A variety of muscular groups can be trained with trained trainers.

The implementation of the project is one way of bringing rural population recreational opportunities closer to the people of the city, giving every parish citizen a useful and healthy time to spend the free time. The implementation of the project has a positive impact on young people, as it is possible to meet, train and rest in the evenings, thereby reducing the risk of young people taking illegal activities. The acquired sports equipment is also used by children and pupils (lecbamba, batuts) as well as adults (massage bombs, gymnastics, cycling).
A sports hall at the Former School Building No. 2 – Lephen's house was set up for implementation of the project. Shortly before the trainees were expected, repairs were completed in the room for the sports hall.
Since the trainers are installed, they are actively used. Every evening, the most active and sporting young people are going to the sports hall to improve their physical form. Adults also take advantage of the opportunities offered and go to the sports hall to leave the negative energy and excess calories accumulated during the day.
Youth society “activists” invites all stakeholders – come, practice and improve your health, physical fitness! All welcome! The working time of the trainer is from 16:00 – 19:00 working days and from 15:00 – 19:00 on Saturdays (Sunday holiday).

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