Announced application for an innovative business idea competition in Latgale “future key 2023”



The Latgale Planning Region (LPR) calls for participation in the innovative business idea competition “future key 2023” with an opportunity for at least five best business idea authors to receive the main prize: a paid experience exchange trip to Norway to explore examples of good practice of that country in the development of successful business.

The competition is organised by the “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation” project No. of the EUROPEAN Economic Area Financial Instrument 2014-2021. LV-LOCALDEV-0001 “Business support measures in Latgale planning region” (UAP Latgale) within the framework.

“Business ideas often arise as a great solution to challenges or challenges, so we call for a competition to involve anyone who loves an exciting and innovative idea that he wants to develop, but has missed the courage or knowledge of how to do it! In the context of the competition, we offer not only confidence in our idea or project, presenting it to competent experts, but also prior to obtaining the necessary entrepreneurial skills by participating in free seminars on the generation of business ideas, the successful development of the idea and its presentation!” calls on the Head of the Latgale Planning Region Administration Iveta Kalina – Tahne.

Participants from 16 years of age (age at the time of submission) are invited to participate in the competition.

The competition will take place in two stages. In the first round, business idea applications will be evaluated and up to fifteen strongest business idea authors who will present their business idea to the evaluation Commission on the spot (or online) in the second round of the competition.

Logging in business idea contest is open until 24 March 2023by sending a business idea application to an e-mail address

In turn 23 February 2023 at 15.00 ON THE online platform OF ZOOM an informative seminar on the modalities of application and the conduct of the business idea competition is organised. The pre-registration information seminar shall take place from the time of the invitation to tender until 22 February 2023, filling in the registration questionnaire: Seminar events ZOOM online Links will be sent to registered participants.

Purpose of the tender - promote entrepreneurship, employment, youth entrepreneurship and the promotion of the competitiveness of the Latgale region through innovative ideas and regional-specific activities.

More information shall be read in the tender rules.

We are invited to follow the information in the Official website of the organiser of the competition and social media on Facebook page

The event is organised under the “Local development, poverty reduction and cultural cooperation” programme of the European Economic Area Financial Instrument 2014-2021.

We are working together for a competitive Europe!


Additional information:

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