Announcement of tenders for the competition “Rēzeknes” company 2021 ″

For the tenth year in a row, the municipality of Rezekne conducts the competition “Rēzekne Municipality” to thank entrepreneurs for promoting employment, public activity and invaluable contribution to the development of the business environment. 

Applicants may apply for a competition from 7 December 2021 to 7 January 2022, placing a completed application questionnaire in the municipal mailbox of the municipality of Rezekne (in the Alleys of Liberation 95 A, Rezekne) or in any district of the municipality of Rezekne. Applications may also be sent by post with an indication: “competition“ Rezekne Municipality ””, address: Rēzekne District Municipality, Liberation Alliance 95 A, Rēzekne, LV-4601 or send to e-mail:, with the indication “competition“ Rēzeknes municipality ”” and signature of the application form with a secure electronic signature. The invitation to tender and the application form shall be available both in the paper format of the municipality of Rezekne and in the county administrations and in electronic form. HERE

The aim of the competition is to clarify and honor the entrepreneurs of Rezekne, who are active in the territory of the municipality, promoting the development of the business environment, attractiveness of production areas, employment, public activity, public and private co-operation, attractiveness of the work environment, ensuring the wider recognition of the economic operators, the promotion of the production/services produced by them. 

The notified companies will be assessed in ten nominations:

  1. Annual company (industry, services);
  2. Annual agricultural company;
  3. The tourism service provider of the year;
  4. Annual company – “VIP” (product of local identity);
  5. Annual artisanal/domestic producer;
  6. The annual innovation enrollment;
  7. New company of the year (agriculture/industry/services);
  8. Annual mecenate;
  9. The family business of the year;
  10. Annual employer. 

The right to nominate tenderers shall be the council of parish councils, other institutions and residents in co-operation with the management of the relevant parish, having previously received the consent of the nominated tenderer. In the nomination “annual employer”, applicants shall be evaluated according TO THE SRS data. 

The evaluation of candidates of the competition shall be performed by the evaluation commission established and approved by the Rēzekne District Council, consisting of five (5) members – a representative of the Standing Committee on Economic Development Matters, 1 representative of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency Rēzekne business incubator, 1 Member of the Rezekne municipality council, 1 parish administration manager, 1 development planning department specialist. The Commission shall be chaired by the President of the Commission, who shall be selected at the first meeting of the Commission.

 In order to determine the winners of the competition, the Commission may invite tenderers to attend their economic activities. The public relations specialist of the local government development planning department of the municipality of Rezekne, who shall prepare publications regarding the registered entrepreneurs and place them on the website of the municipality, shall also participate in the visits to the tenderers submitted to the competition.


Sanita Vjakse,
Business Development Officer of the Regional Development Planning Division of Rezekne

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