New-jet primary school – 50



I know we'll meet again. So the question is when it is and where? 'This time, both the place of meeting and the time and the reason were known. On October 20, school graduates, former and current teachers and employees, as well as pupils, gathered at the 50-year-anniversary event of the New Jerusalem primary school. The tears of joy and remembrance gleamed in the eyes of almost all the graduates and former teachers, for at this moment they had not been strangers for years, but their own, which was combined by a special aura, the spirit of their first school, who did not disappear in the hearts, whatever the long years had gone.

As part of the anniversary event, on 19 October, a formal line was held at the New Jerusalem primary school, during which five symbolic candles were lit for each year that the school had spent. The school director Ivars igrais congratulated the big school family on his birthday, thanked teachers and pupils for their work and the creative approach to the preparation of the anniversary. All classes received recognition from the school, but at the end of the line the pupils and teachers were fond of the spiritual anniversary pier and juice.

On October 20, the registration of graduates at the New Junior School started from 14.00 for the formal event at noon 16.00 would have a chance to walk and look at the school, and at least think of returning to the beautiful and Bezulty years spent at the New Junior School. Each participant of the event was able to receive a special affiliation for this evening, as well as an anniversary booklet with short and specific information on the teachers' collective, school activities and traditions. His special place in the booklet is occupied by the school anthem, which was hoped for honorary anniversary, and will be played in all major school events.

The celebratory event of the 50-year-anniversary of the New Junior School was discovered by the anthem of Rezekne District. The school director Ivars igrais was all attending. In front of the hall, he called on former teachers and staff to thank them again, with flowers and good words, for those who devoted more or less part of their lives to the New Jerusalem primary school. The chairman of the Rēzekne District Council, Monvīds Švarcs, head of the Sherjan parish council Vilis Tutin, representatives of the Rēzekne municipality's education department and the teachers and teachers of the nearest neighborhood schools had also arrived.

In a warm and memorable concert, the group 1-4 of the New Jerusalem primary school, the folklore set, the singing teachers, was welcomed by former school workers, former teachers, as well as saxonist ensemble from Rēzekne Sylvia, under the direction of Swikh. In the event of his permanent place, the school anthem was occupied by the masterpiece of the school's anthem, the teachers Erica Sedola and Gunita Gleisdane, as well as the whole of the New Jerusalem primary school teachers.

The memories were late and the former graduates said affectionately to their teachers. So much truth and beauty came in the words of speakers, so much proud of their school, so much good wishes for the next years!

In the evening's culmination, all the attendants were summoned to the cultural house, where both teachers and managers, graduates and pupils, with good wishes, launched 15 coloured lanterns to raise the magic of that evening high above their heads.

And, of course, what would be a birthday without a cake and a lusty party! The cake was really beautiful, it was a pity to eat, but the musician Maris Leidis took care of the jestrum songs and the dancers.

That evening we were all our own, the people of New Jerusalem. With a sense of belonging we met, with a sense of belonging, to meet every five years in another anniversary event and a graduate.

Leocadia Razgale,
Graduate of the 21 st Release of the New Virgin School

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