Latgale young people call “Atzolys”


For young people

Bedreib “Latgolys Student Centre” ityma vosorie otkon summonalajuos apvuiceibuos “Atzolys”. In the naformaluos apvuiceibys, the Rēzeknis nupvoda Bierzgaļs pogoat is the 10 th of the 13 th century. This is a call for a young man of 17 da 22 honour.
“Avuiceibuos byus” was stamped in latgalically by the name of the guzynuot viesturis i kulturys, to meet Latgolys culturys cyllidim, musykantim, literature. The traditali “Atzolys” stays out of apsazynuot for the newest Latgolys sovyibu, the ivuica byut leaf on sovom root i ducdeziness i veicynoj the new generation of interest in Latgola i latgalisko. Golvonuo “Atzola” vierteiba is a stypruos tradicejis, the kurys and saglobuotys already god i natik pimierstys also itud.
Dasace questionnaire i seikuoku info can be searched for bedzinys devys ci
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